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Ensuring ALL children receive an appropriate and ambitious education.

The Individuals with Disability Education Act mandates that every child receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education or FAPE and Dr. Applin wants to help you ensure that your child receives these rights. 


Dr. Applin offers a FREE 30 minute phone consultation

FREE  30 Minute Phone Consultation

Take the time to speak with Dr. Applin to determine if hiring an advocate is right for your family. After your free consultation, you may decide that you are on the right track and there is no need for outside assistance.

Retainer Fee

A $300 non-refundable retainer and a Hold Harmless Agreement to be signed before beginning work with new clients (retainer fee will be credited to hourly charges).

Hourly Fees

$100 per hour for phone/remote consultation and background research for your case.*
$125 per hour for in person consultations and attending school meetings as your advocate.**

* $100 Per Hour includes:

  • Telephone or remote consultation where the parent and the advocate will discuss concerns or issues for upcoming school meetings. 

  • Review of child’s educational records. 

  • Follow-up phone or remote consultation where Dr. Applin will provide parent with a prepared list of recommendations, suggestions, course of action to take for upcoming meetings etc. 

  • Phone, text, email communications pre- and post- meetings when needed. 

  • Drafting letters and Documents 

  • Evaluations and assessment reviews

  • Review of Transition Plans and Services

  • Telephone, text, and email correspondences with client, school personnel, and other services providers as needed.

**$125 Per Hour Includes

  • Attending school meetings in-person with parents to advocate for child and support parents during meetings including asking pertinent questions and making appropriate requests. 

  • Includes travel time to and from meetings 

  • Additional fee charged for mileage at the prevailing state mileage rate as established by the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet


Who We Are

Applin Special Education Consulting & Advocacy, LLC was founded by Janet L. Applin, Ph.D.  in 2019 with one mission in mind -  To ensure that ALL children receive an appropriate and ambitious individual educational program that meets their unique needs and provides educational benefit. 


Dr. Applin has over 30 years in Special Education as a teacher in public schools at all grade levels and as a teacher and school leader educator at the university level. Her passion is to use her education, experience, and knowledge to assist families in working with their child's school to ensure that the child's unique needs are incorporated to develop appropriate, ambitious, and individualized educational programs as are mandated by the Individuals with Disability Education Act. She embraces a philosophy of working together with parents, the school district, teachers and most important, the child, to assist in making sure that a collaborative and amicable approach is used to benefit the child.  


Applin Special Education Consulting & Advocacy, LLC wants to help you navigate the special education maze so that your child's right to a free and appropriate education is received and they can reach their full potential. 

Dr. Applin is a non-attorney special education advocate and does not provide legal advice. 


About Dr. Applin


Ph.D. in Special Education, Vanderbilt University

M.Ed. in Special Education/Behavior Disorders, Vanderbilt University

B.S. in Special and Elementary Education, Murray State University


Kentucky - Elementary Education 1-8; Exceptional Child Education: Moderate/Severe Disabilities; Learning and Behavior Disorders; Director of Special Education, Level II Certification

Tennessee - Elementary Education K-5; Interventionist K-8; Interventionist K6-12; Special Education Comprehensive K-12


15 years in Public Education Teaching Special Education in Kentucky and Tennessee

17 Years in Post Secondary Higher Education/University as a Professor and Teacher Educator educating future Special Education Teachers and School Leaders

Member of Council of Parents Attorneys & Advocates (COPAA) since 2017

Dr. Applin is a non-attorney special education advocate and does not provide legal advice

Available Services

Kids in Preschool

Consulting & Advocacy
Serving Central Kentucky and Surrounding Areas

Through face to face and remote consultations, Dr. Applin assists parents and family members understand the special education public education process, the rights afforded to parents and children served under the Individuals with Disability Education Act, and in communicating concerns and needs to school district personnel. Dr. Applin meets with family members, attends IEP Team meetings with parents to provide support and facilitates a collaborative and amicable atmosphere so that all concerned may work together and focus on the needs of your child.

Services Available

Assistance during the referral process

Assistance regarding Eligibility for Services

Evaluating and Interpreting Psychoeducational Evaluations

Evaluating current and proposed Individual Education Programs (IEP)

Evaluating team meeting notes

Evaluating IEP goals and objectives for appropriateness

IEP Conference Calls


Video Conferencing

Analyzing Progress Monitoring Data

Evaluating Functional Behavior Analysis and Behavioral Intervention Plans

Assistance in understanding parental and child rights under IDEA

Assistance in preparing effective communications with school personnel

Evaluating appropriateness of child’s placement with regard to Least Restrictive Environment criteria

Dr. Applin is a non-attorney special education advocate and does not provide legal advice

School Kids